For the past several years and through the funding from our EMC Minisymposium each May, we have been able to fund a Scholarship fund - Frank Krozel, EMC MiniSyposium Chairman...


The Scholarship form is easy to fill out but keep in mind the deadline in the document.  The form is found "here"


Here are the participants for the last few years.

2014 Scholarship Winners
Alyssa Bowes

(Presented by Bob Hofmann)

Alex Welk

Komal Shah


Bidusha Poudyal, our 2nd 2013 Scholarship Winner

Alex Welk 2013 Scholarship Winner
(Presented by Bob Hofmann)


2011 Scholarship Winners
Karl Stough

Yi Xu

Olugbenga Hassen


Vic Palacio our 4th 2010 Scholarship Winner
(Presented by Bob Hofmann)


Jeremy Borgman our 3nd 2010 Scholarship Winner
(Presented by Bob Hofmann)


Cheng Zhang our 2nd 2010 Scholarship Winner
(Presented by Bob Hofmann)


Jonathan E. Dinsmore  (KC9EFW) our 2010 Scholarship Winner
(Presented by Bob Hofmann)



Alex Barnett our 2nd 2009 Scholarship  (Presented by Bob Hofmann)


Louann Devine 2009 (Presented by Ray Klouda from Elite)


Sameer Parikh 2008 (Presented by Bob Hofmann)


John Stushek 2008 (Presented by Bob Hofmann)

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We don't post the resume to protect the candidate, if you are looking for a position, or know of a job available, please email us.

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